Electronics is fun.

Following this belief, the Ultra Low Cost Electronics Kit is designed to be compact, low-cost, and beginner-friendly.

At $10 a kit, start learning electronics anywhere.

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Introducing the ULCEK

The Ultra Low Cost Electronics Kit is an Arduino-compatible kit that is assemble based on your needs. A student with limited change? No problem. Start with the Arduino Nano and build your way up. Or perhaps you are an educator looking for a lower cost way to introduce your students to electronics? Start with the ESP8266, a wifi module to get started with the Internet Of Things.

At the center of this kit are two time-tested microprocessors: the Arduino Nano and ESP8266. The Arduino Nano is a compact version of its better known brother, the Arduino UNO, and it fits beautifully on a breadboard. The ESP8266 is a mainstay of Internet Of Things projects, and is increasingly being used as a base for teaching Arduino due to it's low cost and its suitability for a wide range of projects. Both boards for these chips are programmed with the Arduino IDE with a microUSB.

Real World

In this kit you are using the same parts and materials that real world engineers use to prototype their designs. An excellent series of tutorials are written with the beginner in mind, so even if you have no experience with electronics, you will be able to follow along.

Self Sourcing

All details on what to buy and how to buy the parts are provided. The price of $10 is calculated on the premise of assembling just one kit. Buy it from us, or build it yourself: you get the hardware, we'll handle the tutorials.


With the ULCEK, you are guaranteed a beautiful, functional product at the end of your learning process. See another project you like? Tear it down, and build a new one! We believe that the best way to learn is to tinker and realise that objects can be used for more than one purpose.


In this first project of the ULCEK tutorial series, you will build a self-activating nightlight using simple electronics and programming concepts


  • Are you selling the kits?

    Yes we are on Tindie! You can start by assembling the kits yourself by consulting this link. Do note that the $10 cost is based on self-assembly of the kit. On Tindie, it is $15 without shipping due to additional logistics and transaction fees.

  • There are no instructions!

    Instructions are provided at the top of the page under Tutorials. If that is insufficient, tutorials for Arduinos also work well with the ULCEK.

  • No motors?

    Motors deserve their own section of tutorials. Work is being done to write them. Check back soon for updates!


Interested? Please contact us at info@ulcek.com